Siesta Key Drum Circle

Here is another video slide show of photographs I made from a few trips to the Siesta Drum Circle at Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota (also included are a couple of photographs from Nokomis Drum Circle in Nokomis). Mari and I met sixteen years ago at a weekly event called Dance Freedom in Cambridge, MA and the drum circles down here have a similar flavor to them where anything goes dance wise. Although in the case of the drum circles here there are more watchers than participants. This drum circle according to their web page ( began twelve years ago.

I have seen a number of videos on the web (mostly through YouTube) of the drum circle. My hope is that the photos I made give people a different persecutive of the event and capture some of the energy. The sound was captured with my Canon G10 and edited and enhanced with Apple’s GarageBand.

3 thoughts on “Siesta Key Drum Circle

  1. Gee Sam & Mari, sorry you’re having such a boring time down in Sarasota! I’m so impressed at what you can do with photos and music now. I like your photo presentation better than video because you capture those incredible fleeting moments that would otherwise be missed, yet the music and panning over the subject keeps everything moving. It’s AWESOME! Great work!

  2. Awesome stuff, Sam!!! Best to you and Mari – my thoughts were with you on Halloween last week here in Salem. 100,000 celebrants and spirits were high! Glad to see you’re thriving down there – I remember the Dance Free nights in Cambridge back in the 70s. Good times to be sure…

  3. Thank you for your comments on my site. Yes, with help from the web, I designed my own site.

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