Birds on the Beach

Terns, Gulls, Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, Pipers, Osprey, etc..etc..etc. And I can see why from all the schools of small fish in the water. One time the water was so dense with small fish that I thought there was a deep impression in the bottom creating a shadow. It was hundreds of thousands of small fish.

The Egrets are very bold, walking right by me intent of catching it’s next bit. That’s all these little fish could be, and so the birds keep hunting after swallowing their last catch.

When I am swimming, the Pelicans will dive right next to me and then take off right over my head. Usually I am at the beach early or late in the day and the light on their feathers as they pass over me is stunning.

Of course the camera only works when it is aimed at the subject and the shutter is released at the precise moment. This morning I was sitting on the beach after my swim and watching the Pelicans fish. I could see some dolphins about 75 yards off shore, also fishing. All of a sudden there was some commotion in the water created by the dolphins and then one of them jumped completely out of the water and performed a perfect entry into the water. My camera was in the bag by my side. All I can show you is my memory of it, and the photograph I saw is embedded in my mind.