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Mineola Journal

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This movie a compilation of photographs and video I have made in my backyard on Phillippi Creek since the spring of 2011. The movie is 17 minutes long, so if you do not have time now, you may want to bookmark it for viewing at a later time.
All the photographs and videos were made with a Panasonic GH2. I have never made so many photographs (and videos) from just one spot. My backyard is about 40 yards wide. There is always something happening, whether it is wildlife, changing light or patterns on the water. Enjoy!

1972 to 2009


From 1970 to 2000 I was photographing and printing in the darkroom constantly. Around 2000 two things happened: 1. I began a business with my brother and 2. The digital revolution hit photography. The business relationship with my brother did not work out (I am still running the internet based business). The digital revolution forced me to reconsider photography and I stopped using my darkroom and started exploring the computer. Continue reading

Balinese Dance


A little while ago I offered through a local Sarasota newsletter to make free portraits. I had a number of replies (some of which can be seen in the previous post). Sari is a Balinese dancer and she came back for a second secession. I created a slideshow of her dance and posted it on YouTube.

Sari says: “This classical Balinese dance is based on a romance that appears Continue reading

Sarasota Portraits


Two days ago Mari and I celebrated two years plus one month in Sarasota and one year in our wonderful home on Phillippi Creek. For my photography profession the move from Boston has been a bit of a shock. In Boston I had a 35 year reputation and a wonderful studio. In Sarasota I am just another “guy” with a camera.

To kick start my portrait work here in Sarasota, I place an ad in a newsletter offering free portraits at my home on Phillippi Creek. A number of people responded and I have posted some samples of the portraits we made together here in my scaled down studio in my home. (I made a couple of portraits before the ad) Click to View Portraits.



It has been quite some time since I have posted something here to this blog. Other life’s chores have taken precedent.. Sindy, Mari’s friend of over twenty years, came to visit from wintery New Hampshire. She was gracious enough to let me turn my camera on her and create some portraits. I think the results were quite good as you can see.

Sindy has been focusing on creating rainbows in her life, hence the background music for the slideshow.

Good-Bye Waltham & WMAA


For 34 years I have lived and worked in my studio at 144 Moody Street. Mari and I came back to Waltham after being in Florida for a year this past May to pack up all our stuff and make a permanent move to Sarasota. Our stay in Waltham was so short and busy with packing, that I realized on my return to Sarasota, I had not had a chance to say good-bye to Waltham and the Arts Community.

Update 10/27/10 Boston Globe Article.

The following is a brief history of the beginnings of the arts community in Waltham along with two slide shows. Continue reading

Mineola* – A Pleasant Place


June 6. 2010
It has been a long time since my last entry. A lot has been going on. Nothing on photography, but much on lifestyle changes.

First, Mari and I decided we were staying in Sarasota. We needed to find someone to take over our studio in Waltham, MA and pay a key fee so we would be able to make the move work. We found someone who was actually already in the artist community.

Continue reading