Why Venice?

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This is a first in a series of Black & White Portraits I will be posting. In most cases I will be posting a short video interview so you can get some idea of what the person sounds like and looks like when they are talking. In addition there will also be a series of B & W portraits from one or more sittings. I work with natural light, so the portraits are all taken outside.

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I met Maji many years ago up north in Boston. Maji was one of the first participants in Dance Freedom which was a dance organization begun in 1968 in Cambridge. Dance Freedom is a smoke free, alcohol free, barefoot dance environment where any kind of dance is acceptable (as long as it is non harmful).

Maji now lives in Venice (part of Sarasota County). I reconnected with Maji at the Drum Circle. For anyone who has been to the drum circle at Siesta Key or Nokomis, Maji is a regular participant, wearing his jesters hat. He also spends time on an organic farm in Costa Rica with his wife. Earth Rose Organic Farm.

As all previous photos in my posts, these photos were made with the Canon G10. The video was also made with the Canon G10 and was edited in Final Cut Express.