1972 to 2009

From 1970 to 2000 I was photographing and printing in the darkroom constantly. Around 2000 two things happened: 1. I began a business with my brother and 2. The digital revolution hit photography. The business relationship with my brother did not work out (I am still running the internet based business). The digital revolution forced me to reconsider photography and I stopped using my darkroom and started exploring the computer.


The business took a great deal of my time so I put photography on hold, but I kept up-to-date on the latest advances in cameras. Unfortunately I was use to the high quality images large format film cameras produced and to achieve similar quality I would have had to spend 10s of thousands of dollars. That was not going to happen. Through the years I have digitized some of my film based photographs and this slideshow is a sample of some of the work I created during a 30 year period. There are many more negatives I would love to transfer to the digital format, but in the meantime I continue to explore the new digital world (for me) with my DSLR

Photographic History

1972 to 2009 – Photographs while living in Massachusetts
Photographs from my time spent in the Boston area. Had a studio in Waltham, MA for 33 years.
2009-2014 – Photographs while living in Sarasota, Florida
5 years in Sarasota, FL. Created some videos with my digital camera along with stills.
2009 – Present – YouTube Videos – Mostly From Sarasota

When I was in Sarasota, FL I purchase a Panasonic GH2 digital camera that allowed me to make videos along with stills.

2017- Present – Photographs while living in Ajijic, Mexico
Came to Ajijic Mexico in November of 2017.