Russell Donnellon at Sarasota Farmers Market

I met Russell when he came to my house to have his portrait taken. We connected on many levels, with one being music. I went down to the Sarasota Farmers Market to make video and photographs of Russell and this video is the result of that time. I wanted to have Russell’s music in the background as I photographed people’s reaction to him. Russell is at the Farmers Market about once a month and if you are in Sarasota, you can see and hear him at The Cottage in Siesta Village on Wednesday and Sunday Evenings. More about Russell Donnellon.

Mineola Journal #8

Phillippi Creek runs right through our backyard and occasionally we see Alligators cruising the creek. It seems that this one was looking for a mate because it was calling to another gator. You can hear it’s call in the beginning of this short video.

Mineola Journal #7

To me Ibis are the Jimmy Durante of birds with their long beak. They are grazers, often moving across our lawn in groups of 6 or more. I hope you enjoy this brief video. My homage to Ibis or is it Ibii.