Mineola Journal 1-3

#1 Heron & Spoonbill

Since I purchase a new camera (Panasonic Lumix GH2) I have been making videos with this remarkable camera. These “Mineola Journals” are short videos taken in our backyard (Mineola is the street we live on). Our backyard ends at Phillippi Creek which is a long meandering creek the empties into the Gulf.

#2 Anhingas

We see Anhingas often in the creek. They have no oil in their wings like other water birds and so they have to dry them off in order for them to fly effectively.

#3 Reflections

Late in the day, with the sun low in the sky, interesting patterns form on the opposite shore.

Refections are so difficult to communicate through still photos. Video really is able to capture the mood of moving reflections.

Mineola Journal 4 – 6

#4 Great Egrets

Great Egrets are very commonly seen in the creek. They appear very tame and will walk right by with no concern. We also see Snowy Egrets and Cattle Egrets.

#5 Manatees

We do see Manatees quite often in creek off our backyard, but all we usually see is their nose coming up for air and a little bit of wake. On this day there was a lot of action happening because they were maiting.

#6 Great Blue Herons

Great Blue Herons are a very common presence here. Sometimes they will stand for hours in the same place doing nothing but standing and preening. As you will see, one of the Great Blue Herons had some kind of mouthful.

Sunset at Siesta Key

There are times when a still photograph just does not capture the feeling of what is in front of me. This sunset video is a good example. Not a lot is happening, but the waves, birds and people moving through the frame along with the sounds, capture the glory of a Siesta Key sunset.

Mineola Journal #7

To me Ibis are the Jimmy Durante of birds with their long beak. They are grazers, often moving across our lawn in groups of 6 or more. I hope you enjoy this brief video. My homage to Ibis or is it Ibii.

Mineola Journal #8

Phillippi Creek runs right through our backyard and occasionally we see Alligators cruising the creek. It seems that this one was looking for a mate because it was calling to another gator. You can hear it’s call in the beginning of this short video.

Russell Donnellon at Sarasota Farmers Market

I met Russell when he came to my house to have his portrait taken. We connected on many levels, with one being music. I went down to the Sarasota Farmers Market to make video and photographs of Russell and this video is the result of that time. I wanted to have Russell’s music in the background as I photographed people’s reaction to him. Russell is at the Farmers Market about once a month and if you are in Sarasota, you can see and hear him at The Cottage in Siesta Village on Wednesday and Sunday Evenings. More about Russell Donnellon.

Meditative Music & Light

Mari has been attending a workshop with Linda Maree for a few months. Recently we met Linda and her partner David Gittens on Siesta Key beach and had a wonderful connection with both of the them. This video is from a performance that David and Linda gave at the Unity Church of Sarasota. David’s guitar is a 23 string guitar of his own creation and Linda is playing a Tambura. I took the audio portion of their performance and ran it through iTunes and did a video screen capture of the Visualizer which was responding to the music David and Linda played. Sit back and relax, but don’t close your eyes.

11:11:11 Ceremony

This is a video of a 11:11:11 ceremony that was held on Lido Beach in Sarasota. I photographed this event with my Panasonic GH2 which is able to record both video and stills. The beauty of this camera is that as I am recording video, I am also able to make stills at the same time which is quite a trip. Enjoy

Mineola Journal #9

We normally see mostly birds on Phillippi Creek (which runs right by our backyard), but occasionally Raccoons come down to the waters edge. This short video was made early in the morning (their usual time for a visit), hence the grainy look to the video.

Mineola Journal Video Shorts

It has been some time since I have posted something to my blog. I have been working on a number of projects and as always, learning image related software. Soon I will be posting a long version of my Mineola Journal, but in the meantime, Here are some brief videos. Phillippi Creek of Sarasota Florida is the water way.

Manatees frolicking. At the end of the video you will see

This egret was disturbed by a boat wake