Starting in Black & White

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Not having made a photograph with intent for many years, I don’t know what I will be photographing. Everything is open to me now and I can explore what Gary Winogrand once said when asked why he made photographs. “I photograph to see what things look like photographed”.

I had been reading about the Canon G10 and thought it would be a good starter camera for me. With a price of around $400 and 15 million pixel resolution, along with the ability to record in the Raw format, it made the whole process more like doing my old Darkroom work. Continue reading

Why Sarasota?

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Why am I (and Mari) in Sarasota Florida? There is a long story and a short one. I will give the short one here. It is all about money. Both Mari and I are deep in debt and can no longer afford to live in our studio in Waltham. The crashing economy has drastically affected my SmilePix business. It is also time for a change. I have lived in my studio for over 30 years and have stagnated the last five years or so. Nothing creative going on for me except playing my Xaphoon (a bamboo saxophone). Continue reading

Begin Here

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Sam Laundon is looking to redefine himself and this site is a window into that process. Time for change. Shake up old routines. Get back to times of internal and external exploration. Face fears and embrace joys.

I believe that we all go through various versions of ourselves just like in software there are versions 1, 2, 3 (3.2) and on. If I accept what life offers me, then there are many opportunities to morph into different versions of myself and expand the sphere of me. Continue reading