A Different Way


Well….it has been some time since I have made an entry in this blog. A few weeks ago I got a great deal on a used Mac G5 computer which has opened up many more possibilities for editing and presenting my photographs. I had an old G4 computer that was 10 years old and whenever I tried to work with video, the computer would groan and than go into major slow down mode. So I have been spending the last few weeks learning programs that enabled me to create what I am showing you here.

The ability to give my viewer even more of an idea of what is going on in my head when I am out looking for photographs has been amazing, but also daunting because of the learning curve involved. We have all heard that the best way to stay young is to exercise both body and mind and this new (for me) computer has stopped a few gray cells from dying from lack of use.
I have always been fascinated by the relationship images and music can have. Before digital I played around with two projectors, dissolve machine and tape to try and sync photos to music. Now we can do it so much more elegantly with the computer. You are looking at my first real attempt at using the “Ken Burns” effect in my photos and it took sometime to create, but hopefully the next one will be even better.