Balinese Dance

A little while ago I offered through a local Sarasota newsletter to make free portraits. I had a number of replies (some of which can be seen in the previous post). Sari is a Balinese dancer and she came back for a second secession. I created a slideshow of her dance and posted it on YouTube.

Sari says: “This classical Balinese dance is based on a romance that appears in The Malat, a collection of poetic stories about the mythical eleventh-century Javanese Prince Panji. It begins with Condong, a court lady, followed by King Lasem and Princess Rangkesari. Lasem kidnaps Rangkesari, but she refuses to surrender to him due to her love to Prince Panji. On his way to battle with Panji, Lasem is attacked by a mythical bird. Only the parts of Condong and the bird are presented in this video slide show.”