On the Beach

Siesta Key Beach is a beautiful very white sand beach on the Gulf. It is just 15 minutes from Debbie’s house, so it is a place I go often after my normal work day. Mari, after looking at my photos, said that most people are looking for beautiful vistas to capture, while I am looking down at details on the beach. I am fascinated by the changes that each wave brings to compositions on the beach. I can stay in one spot and the continual motion of the waves brings new surprises and delights.
On a technical note, I do find that looking at the compositions on the LCD screen to be a bit frustrating. Very difficult to see precisely what is happening because of the brightness of the ambient light. Using the viewfinder on the G10 is almost useless because of the placement on the camera and it only shows 77% of the scene. When I get a little more money I am going to purchase the HoodLoupe 3.0. It is a loupe that fits over a 3 inch LCD screen and you can put it and the camera right to your eye and compose like a conventional SLR camera.